Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sarge The Pitbull

So tom & i joined Azita & Bill to help support Lauren & Brendan in the 2010 Barking Beauty Pageant in Philly! We had such a blast. Lauren's Sweet Pea was 1st runner up! Go Lauren!

Here is the event:

Please take the time to read Sarges story. It is amazing. He even has his own blog! I will be posting pictures from the event soon! If you don't have a dog and you are a dog lover- ADOPT A DOG. Do not buy one!


Will post more later-


Friday, May 14, 2010

Help Us OUT!

Hi Friends & Family-

As everyone knows- Tom & I are very passionate about dog advocacy. We have recently become volunteers at the Delaware County SPCA. We are involved in an event this fall and are trying to raise money for the prevention of animal cruelty. There are so many dogs out there that needs home and need people to be their voices.

The event is called Bark in the Park Dog Walk and Fall Festival and is at the Rose Tree Park by our house. We are hoping to raise money for this event and bring a better life to these wonderful companion animals.

Please donate any amount you could. It is a safe & secure site. You can also visit it on my facebook page or the Delco SPCA page to get more details.http://www.firstgiving.com/delcospca

Just think- even $25 could help. And for a lot of us- that would mean giving up a small luxury to make a better life for an animal.


Thank for all of your love and support!

Please forward to anyone else interested!

Let us know if you would like to join us!

With Love-
Kandice & Tom