Monday, July 25, 2011

Iggy- GONE but NEVER Forgotten

Iggy stepped off of his private jet as though he was Mic Jagger! He was a proud old man, who didn't want the world to see his pain. His smile warmed your heart and his eyes were captured your soul 

Iggy arriving on his private jet

When Iggy stepped off of the plane- Jamie & I gasped. Instantly tears began rolling down her face and I watched sadness take over.  As a woman who has dedicated her life to the well being of the Saint Bernard Dog- this was he most horrific case of animal abuse and neglect she has ever seen. She greeted him with a gentle touch- and like a true SAINT- he trusted her. He looked up at us with a calmness- he knew that there was angels on his side.

Grace Kelly let Iggy know it's all going to be alright now

Iggy limped in pain. His body was covered in sores, open wounds, flea bites and cysts. His skin was raw and sore. His feet were inflamed and infected. His nails were bleeding. Iggy had edema throughout his arms and muscles. This old man lived a long tough and painful life.

Iggy missed out on the couch and snuggles on cold nights. He didn't know what it was like to romp at the dog park with fellow canine friends. Iggy didn't have the luxury of walks with his best friend- where he could show off his loyalty. Iggy didn't know a fine home cooked meal.BUT, Iggy never stopped loving or giving- and in me- his spirit will live forever.

Sadly, Iggy had to cross the rainbow bridge. His eyes had the fight, but his body had given up. In the short time I knew Iggy-  I loved him.  There are some things that shake your core and change you forever. Iggy changed me forever.

We will not let Iggy be forgotten! Wewill be setting up and "Iggy Fund". This fund will help raise awareness for the abuse of these gentle giants and to help treat other severely neglected and abused Saint Bernards. Keep looking for more info!!

Iggys Guardian Angels

A tribute to our very special Iggy.....Gone but NEVER forgotten!!!

Don't think of him as gone away -

His journey's just begun,

Life holds so many facets -

This earth is only one.

Just think of him as resting

From the sorrows and the tears,

In a place of warmth and comfort.

Where there are no days and years.

Think how he must be wishing,

That we could know today,

How nothing but our sadness,

Can really pass away.

And think of him as living,

In the hearts of those he touched,

For nothing loved is ever lost -

And he was loved so much

May you Finally Rest in Peace Sweet Boy

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tori- ADOPTED!!!

Miss Tori has been adopted by the wonderful Miller family! She now spends her days with her mom, dad and Saint brother Rufus!

Tori and Rufus in her new home!

The ever so sweet Miss Tori is the newest addition to the Bross Foster Crew.  Tori came from a shelter when she was dumped by her owners who could no longer properly care for her. She spent a lot of time outside and was eaten up by flies:(

Tori at Concord Dog Park

The shelter called Saintly Bernards Rescue to ask for assistance to make sure this lovely lady got the proper vetting, socialization and a dedicated forever family. Due to increased strays, owner surrenders and cruelty cases- the shelters are all FULL beyond capacity. Saintly Bernards stepped up and added Tori to the program- creating space for another dog to get a second chance. Two lives were potentially saved.

After spending time in the shelters and in the kennel it took a good 24 hours for Tori to settle and feel comfortable. Most people do not realize the stress that shelter dogs feel when they come into a home. You have an increased risk of stress induced behaviors.The first 24 hours IS not the judge of any dogs true personality. It takes time for the dog to begin to trust again and see that they are on the journey to the good life.  Patience is KEY to helping them pull through the first night successfully. BE prepared to not sleep.

After the first night Tori began to settle. She found comfort in Quincy & McKenzie welcoming her into the house. I am still amazed at how my crew can help settle a foster better then I can. She made her first trip to the dog park with my crew. She did wonderful. She looked so free and happy running through the park, stretching her legs and knowing she was not getting abandoned again. When I woke up with her in the morning to begin her day with a long walk- she looked at me with her beautiful thankful eyes.

Miss Tori is a super duper affectionate Saint Bernard. If you know Angus (part of the Saintly Saint working crew) you would see similarities. Any opportunity for a belly rub and SHE WILL TAKE it. Any opportunity for big wet slobbery kisses- SHE WILL GIVE them. Any chance she gets to curl up with you and snuggle- SHE IS ON it. She is a lover through and through.

Tori is ready to begin her journey at life with her committed forever family. She has been fully vetted (including spayed), up to date on shots, on monthly preventatives and groomed. She is super social with all, knows basic commands and is BEYOND eager to please. Do you think that Victoria would be perfect for your family? Click here to view her petfinder ad and put in an application!

Thank you on behalf of Saintly Bernards Rescue!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Meet the EVER so sweet and kind Miss Josie. Unfortunately, Josie became a victim of the hard economic time. LUCKILY, she holds NO grudge. She is eager to please and even more eager to find a loving and committed forever home. 

Josie is a STUNNING 6 month old Saint Bernard who has a beautiful smooth coat. She is laid back and calm- although she loves her walks and dog park romps! She loves to play catch in the yard or goof around with her Saint foster brother, Quincy. Josie also enjoys mammoth bones and cuddling up with her companions.

Josie knows how to eat on the down like a lady! She also knows the commands sit, down, stay, leave it, quiet and enough. For a young puppy- she is proving to be an ambassador for the breed. THE reason people adore Saint Bernards is because of pups like her!

This Lovely Gal is fully vetted (including spayed, UTD on shots, on monthly preventatives) and trained! This super social love bug enjoys the company of ALL people, ALL dogs and ALL animals. She would love to find a home with a canine companion to keep her company and help her blossom into a confident Saint Bernard.

Every day with Josie- I look for opportunities to work on her. BUT, she always seems to surprise me. She is calm, laid back, responsive, submissive, cuddly and overall a big ball of love.

 Do you think Miss Josie is the right fit for you and your family? Please fill out an adoption application at