Monday, April 25, 2011

Dogs 4 Dogs- Saintly Bernards Fundraiser

Come one, Come all!

On April 14, 2011, Alliance Bank of Springfield, hosted a Dogs 4 Dogs hot dog sale, benefiting Saintly Bernards Rescue. Alliance Bank branch manager, Fran McDaniel, organized the event, providing lunch to the community, with an opportunity to meet some Saintly Saints and give back!


Saintly Bernards Rescue is a division of Saint Bernard Rescue Organization, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to placing solid temperament Saint Bernards in loving homes, providing them with a well deserved second chance.


The founder of Saintly Bernards Rescue, Jamie Byrnes, began rescuing Saint Bernard dogs over ten years ago. As a child, she was raised with dogs, and dreamed of one day having her own big, fluffy Saint Bernard. Zeus, her first Saint Bernard, was an abused, neglected and abandoned. He was dirty, fearful and unwanted at the shelter. Jamie, saw a diamond in the rough. Zeus was rehabilitated with time, determination and lots of unconditional love. Zeus changed her life and Jamie changed Zeus’s life.

Jake & Michael

5 years ago Jamie founded Saintly Bernards Rescue. She wanted to make a small difference in this world, helping leave their past lives behind and making each new day count. Saintly Bernard’s Rescue now helps Saint Bernards in need in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Ohio. Their program enables dogs to live in a home environment, where they are thoroughly temperament tested and evaluated. Once they become settled, they are rehabilitated through training, proper nutrition, vetting and TLC. They get the time and love needed to prepare them for a journey to a new and improved life.


Jamie prides herself on proper placements, putting people and animals as the first and foremost concern. She is an advocate and she is an educator. She, herself, is a Saint.

The Saint Lady and Her Saints

The event was a success, due to the Delaware County Community involvement. Volunteers, Kandice Bross, Dale O’Brien and Michael Pastorius came out to help handle dogs, promote Saintly Bernards and photograph the event. Brenda Steinman, Fran McDaniel, Lisa Kiesel and Steve Stewart of Alliance Bank also dedicated their time and energy to make the Dogs 4 Dogs event a true accomplishment!

Auggie & Bea Love the Kids!

Mr.Augustus the great attended his first event as a member of the Saintly Saints Working crew, wowed the children. Beatrice, rather known as Bea, gave out kisses and lots of love with her sweet endearing eyes. Angus mainly laid on his back getting belly rubs from whoever would give them out! Boz waited patiently for a hot dog to fall. Moses and Sarge sat with their paws crossed gracefully. Jake made friends and gave out big slobbery wet kisses! The Saintly Saint working crew really WOWed the crowd. And to think- at one point- each  of these dogs found themselves homeless, neglected, abused and abandoned. And now- bring smiles to many faces and do not hold a grudge!

Bosworth-The Saint Wannabe

Donations go directly to helping provide incoming Saint Bernards with proper vetting, medication, nutrition, training and grooming. Interested in helping? Please visit

Thank you Alliance Bank!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011



I cannot even begin describing what he has done for me and for my life. Quincy is the reason I became education on rescuing versus  buying. Quincy is the reason I volunteer. Quincy is the reason I foster. Quincy taught me so much about life. I was reading Quincys story today on facebook and I cried. I cried out of anger, out of frustration and out of hatred for people who abandon, abuse and neglect animals. BUT, I also cried out of happiness. My recycled puppy is the apple of my eye.  Please read Quincys story. I hope it touches your heart. I hope it changes your perspective. I hope it helps you realize that they need us. I hope it helps you understand me and what I do more.

Hi! My name is Quincy.

Here is my story:

As a puppy, I was bought by a family from a puppy mill/back yard breeder, who was not familiar with the my breed. I was a cute puppy, who started to grow into a big boy. My family thought that I would be a great guard dog and tied me outside to a tree. It was really hot out and I wasn't getting the proper food or water :( My family wasn't happy that I wasn't a tough guy, I didn't bark and all I wanted was love and attention. A good Samaritan so the condition I was in and removed me from the situation. They brought me to the shelter, where I thought I would be safe and get all the attention I had missed so far.

When I got to the shelter in South Carolina I was given an intake number and ID. I became non existent because of the quantity of doggies looking for a second chance at life. I became very sad and very depressed. I no longer felt love, attention or affection. I was all by myself on a cold concrete floor without any snuggle buddies. This made me very upset and I stopped eating and drinking and started getting sick. How was I going to get out of here? How was I going to prove that I was a good boy and that I deserved to know the gentle touch of the human hand, the softness of a bed and the luxury of food and water? I began to run out of time. Overcrowding in southern shelters was very common :*(

And then.... there was hope for me.

A newly married couple, who were fresh off of their honeymoon, were looking for a young saint bernard. They had did research on the breed- and knew it was the perfect match for them. They had seen a baby Saint Bernard available for adoption through Lucky Dog Rescue in Washington DC. They put an application in for her- and found out that she was already pending adoption. Luckily, Allison, the adoption coordinator called them to tell them that there was a 7 1/2 month old Saint Bernard named Brutus who didn't have much time left at the shelter. They tested him with dogs of all sizes and cats and children. They told them he was an amazing boy and really deserved a second chance. They sent some pictures of and with one sight- they said YES- that is our boy! Guess who that boy was? That boy was me. I was getting a second chance. I no longer just blended in- I stood out. I was all smiles as I patiently waited to meet my new family.

It was a hot, muggy, rainy day when I was transported with 4 other saints and 40 other dogs from South Carolina to Washington D.C. Due to the weather, we were 2 hours late to arrive to the transport site. Although it was uncomfortable- I knew that my mommy would be waiting there for me. She was so excited that she got to Washington D.C. 3 hours early- and now with the 2 hour back up she had to kill some time. Her and my grandpa walked around D.C. trying to come up with names for me! How exciting is this? All this love and attention and they didn't even meet me yet?

Once I arrived at the transport center- I had to wait patiently. I was so big compared to all of the other dogs and was all the way at the bottom. When they called my name "Brutus" my mommy came over, started crying and kissed me all over my face. All the other pups were barking and crazy- but not me. I knew I was home when I met my Mommy. I knew that I didn't have to be upset or sad anymore. I gave her a wiggle butt and head nod and didn't want her to leave my side. I was never going to be lonely again.

Once I did my business and ate some treats- I had to get back in the car (at least it was just me and mommy and pop pop) and drive 3 hours back to Philadelphia! We stopped two times on the way home- so I wouldn't get to car sick! I slept like a baby for the first time since I was a little guy. It was so quiet. All I could hear was my mommy's voice. I think she was calling everyone she knew to tell them that I was finally here and how cute I was.

After the long ride from DC to Swarthmore, I got to meet my daddy. He came out and was like "wow-he's a big boy" and I gave him wiggle butt and kisses to show him that I was a good boy and that I loved him already.

Mom and Dad thought I smelled "pootinky" after that long, hot transport. They gave a scrub a dub dub bath in the back yard so I would be nice and sparkly in my new house. I was so happy to know that I didn't have to live in the back yard anymore!

As I dried off and ran around my new yard (mommy and daddy specifically bought me a yard-wow!) Mom & Dad brought my new brother and sister outside to meet me. Tootsie and Benjamin showed me the ropes. They showed me that I can sleep on the couch, in the bed, on the floor and anywhere else. They showed me what it was going to be like to live the spoiled life!

I had to go to the vet because I had a terrible case of hook worms & kennel cough. I also was running a 104 degree fever and was covered in mats and flea bites (ick!). I was very underweight too :( Mom took care of all of it and patiently waited by my side as I regained my strength and my health. With a groom, quality kibble, extra yummy, lots of sleep and EXTRA snuggle time- I was as good as new in a few weeks

My Mom, dad and pop pop decided to name me Quincy. They wanted to name me something political since they picked me up in DC. They decided on Quincy, after John Quincy Adams.
I am now a certified therapy dog through PALS for LIFE. I go to visit with children, the elderly and the mentally challenged to help bring a new sense of calm to their life. I absolutely LOVE it and enjoy being a working therapy dog every day.

In April of 2011- I officially become a Canine Good Citizen.

I have been a foster brother to other saint bernards. I helped Abby, Betty Boop, McKenzie & Addie blossom into eager to please dogs! I am a supporter of Saintly Bernards Rescue in effort to help save and heal abandoned, abused and neglected saint bernards! I volunteer my time whenever I can!

I enjoy quiet time now with my family. I also enjoy dog park romps!! I <3 daycare- Barker Lounge for life! And of course mammoth bones!

Anything else you wanna know? Just ask me!

Woof woof!



Where I stayed while on transport-NOT so comfy!

Mom, Me & Pop Pop! Finally on road to the good life!
Taking a stroll to stretch my legs before heading to Philly!
This isn't so bad! Heading to Philadelphia!
I am home and boy do I love this couch!

I might need a bigger bed! But, this one may due for now!
Yummy dinner

I get to hangout with dogs at the dog park now!

Lots of belly rubs and quality time with my brother and Mom

Takin a break on the hot summer day

Tired boy

My own private pool??!!

Mom thinks this one is funny! Yard bath!

A professional photo shoot for me? WoW!

eating a cucumber i picked from my grandma's garden all by myself!

Tired saint

my first foster sister, abby! I love her and miss her!

Helping Abby feel at home while she was waiting for a forever family

Beach time!!

Who would of thought I would get to feel the sand between my toes?

Grooming time!

Nah nah nah nah nah!

Officially ruling the house!

Raising money for the Delco Spca Bark in the Park 2010

Foster brother, Ashton and I sharing a bone

One time foster sister, McKenzie. She is now a sister forever!

Kenz & I chillin

Benny & Me begging for treats

Fister sister Addie on the right!

My favorite cousin, Alby!

Volunteering for a bake sale to help more saints!

Foster sister Betty Boop on the right!

Helping some saintly saints!

Me and Santa!

Unhappy face.

Therapy event at Sabold Elementary
Paws Mutt Strutt

More Baths!

Pretzel Park Dog Romp

Swarthmore Swim Club Pool Day for Pups

My best friend in the world!

Tippy a foster sister who I miss and love!

First Christmas with my forever family!
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Some friends!

My forever family. My second chance. My best friends.