Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Abby- ADOPTED- Updated Pictures 1/5/11

Christmas in a forever home!!!! AMAZING!

Abby & Jasper settling in~!

So Tom & I have welcomed a beautiful foster dog into our lives! Her name was Bella, but previous fosters called her baby! She is definitely a baby! BUT- she is classier then that. Tom & I like Abigail and call her Abby in our house! She is dainty and soft spoken- like a real lady!

Definition of Abigail:
The name Abigail is a baby girl name. The baby name Abigail originated as an Biblical name. In Biblical the name Abigail means- source of joy.

I think "source of joy" is pretty straight on for what she can bring to someone life.

It makes me feel like bursting into tears when I see how neglected some dogs are. I feel as if you are considering adopting/rescuing/buying....whatever... you need to do the research. Learn the breeds. Know that this is a life long commitment. They rely on you for safety & love. They are not humans- and they need us.

I know people have got to be thinking that I am "too emotionally involved" with animals. But someone has to be. I don't even think my husband fully understands how passionate I am- to bring as much peace and trust into the lives of these dogs. THEY DESERVE BETTER. If you know me and love me you will support me.

I hope that Abby(Baby) either a) finds her forever home so we can bring life to more dogs or b) my husband can't live without her and she stays a part of the bross crew. Either way.... it's a win win! We will give her love, food, shelter, exercise and MORE LOVE.

"Shelter dogs aren't broken, they've simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Don't pity a shelter dog. Adopt one. And be proud to h...ave their greatness by your side."

Also- check out the amazing Saintly Bernards Rescue website and become a fan on facebook! Amazing organization run by a truly dedicated and determine woman!

Saint Bernard Rescue

With love- As Always-


Abby was adopted by an amazing family in Yardley, PA. She now has a brother named Jasper (newest picture is Jasper & Abby) and has an inground pool and a huge yard! She loves her new life, her second chance and her amazing family!!!

The Bross family sends our love to the fabulous Miss Abigail and Family!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunnycrick Vintage Retailer

So my mother is a pretty awesome woman! She has the coolest, self employed, job ever!

Essentially my mother goes to yard sales, thrift stores, consignment shops & estate sales to scout out authentic vintage clothing and memoribilia. How cool is that?

Seriously- some of the items she has have so much nostalgia, even to me! Some of the items are just plain ridiculous- in a "major" way! (Stealing this from the fabulous stylist Rachel Zoe).

As I look through her sale items- I realize that my mother has made a career out of this. She no longer has to deal with a boss, a dictator or a ruler. She is now the ruler. And if you know my MOM, she actually makes a good ruler. BUT, with every reward comes hard work. She has to research the newest styles and trends and she has to search endless hours. Then she has to photograph, measure, list, explain and ship. Then deal with unhappy clients etc... So this is no easy gig. The hours that she puts into it- directly affect her results. Stocked inventory is key too! You need to know what people are looking for.

She has some really unique amazing situations too! This week, a woman who collects vintage Lilly Pullitzer, and owns her own Lilly Boutique, contacted my mother. She had informed her that she was actually dining with Lilly and would be wearing the vintage dress that she won from my mother! My mother requested a picture of them- hopefully we get it so the world can see. How awesome is that?

Also- a top executive for Michael Kors made a purchase from my mom!

When she was selling a vintage DIOR belt- stylists across the US were bidding to get that on he next celebrity. WOW!

I would live to give my mom and her business its DUE credit. SUNNYCRICK has blossomed into an authentic retailer of vintage goodies. Luckily- vintage is in and WILL ALWAYS BE IN! It helps with popular shows like mad men etc...!

Take a look!The picture above is an actual dress she has for sale! So awesome & so unique!

Here is her ebay store:

Here is her facebook page:

Here is her blog:

Please take a second and look at all of this!

Follow sunnycrick on facebook!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


WOW! September 2010- 27 years old- wow!

Birthday was in August and had a great time celebrating with Megan, Azita, Bill, Tom & Wojo.

Found out my dear friend Jackie will possibly be moving to Colorado- and it breaks my heart permanently. Jackie & I have had a "sisterly" relationship since Orientation weekend at Wilkes Univeristy. 2 days before school starts- we decided that we wanted to dorm. Since all of our friends has already been assigned- we thought we should try and get a room together. Wilkes made one huge ass mistake- well two. The first mistake was letting us dorm together. We would: Have parties, set the dorm on fire, break the washer & dryer, keep the entire dorm awake, skipout on dorm meetings, throw anything we could from our 3rd story window onto our RA's car.. to just name a few. Yeah- freshman in a senior dorm. Not the best idea. The 2nd mistake was LETTING us dorm in a senior dorm building. Everyone had mom jeans and mom haircuts- GAG. Everyone was super serious about school and curfew. Everyone was just way passed where Wojo & I were. We would actually think it was funny to cut open a bean bag and throw the stuffing out the window- just to laugh at how it looked like it was snowing in September. Now, being 27 years old I realize how immature two 18 year old girls from a small town can be. Good times. We had each others backs when it came to sociology 101 and mr tuttle. We had each others backs when it came to hangovers- we shared gallons on water (gulp gulp gulp). We had each others backs as we transitioned into a new journey of our lives. We made it through the good times, the bad times and the crazy times- as roomates.

Then Jaclyn moved out- and Dana moved in (that is another blog in itself). She went to live with the soccer girls and had WILD as parties. Even though we didn't talk everyday- when we did talk- it was as if we hadn't missed a beat. We grew apart- not in a bad way. In a way where two girls go out and find themselves.

Years later- Jaclyn & Anthony were there for Tom & I as we said "I Do". I know we will be doing the same for them when that day comes- and hopefully in comes soon. I have never seen anyone with wedding fever like this girl. Our dogs have even become best friends! How awesome is that? We got to enjoy a wonderful frat party weekend at Keuka Lake- that sealed our forever friendship. Love of wine, puppies, fashion and gossip- yup that's us.

Then she goes and bursts my bubble. The beautiful miss jaclyn wojo informed me that her and her amazing lover, Anthony, have found opportunity in Colorado. The passion she has for her friends, family, career etc... is unlike anyone I have ever seen. Jaclyn and Anthony will be taking the next steps in their lives and we will be standing by them the entire way (although it won't be in person, we will be there with them). We wish them nothing but the best of luck, even though there will be a dark cloud over my glass of pinot noir for quite some time- probably forever.

Cheers to my dear and best friend- Jaacquelina- cannot wait for the travels to begin!!! W

P.S. Wojo- you are my white Beyonce forever.