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Our Wedding Day (June 12, 2010) PHOTO BLOG BLAST

So I know I have been in newly wedded bliss for the past year and a half- but I do feel like now is the perfect time to share that piece of my life with the world. I married my best friend, my lover and my partner in crime. On June 12, 2010,  we commit to each other that we will withstand all the good and bad-TOGETHER- for the rest of our lives. We commit to supporting each other and making our dreams come true, TOGETHER. We have learned and grown together for the past 8 tears, but being married in the eyes of god, in the eyes of our friends and family and within our eyes- feels completely different! I take pride in calling Tom my husband every day.

 The photography was courtesy of Arun Paul Photography,who is based out of Bucks County, PA. He focuses on capturing the most important aspects of ones life! Also, what drew me to him originally, was his level of engagement and excitement. Arun & Julia knew that capturing the essence of the big day was top priority for the future Brosses. He takes time getting to know the people he shoots. Mr. Paul and his stunning wife Julia work as a team! They did our engagement shoot, wedding shoot and EVEN a day with our dogs. Arun knew how important it was for me to have my fur kids with me on my wedding day, but also knew the level of stress it could add to the day. So, he suggested saving a shoot focused solely on the dogs for the future. When the wedding and honeymoon were over and the leaves turned from green to red- he shot us at Villanova Dog Park.  He was genuine and he cared! Not only that- THAT PICTURES are flawless. There is something about revisiting your wedding shots every few months. Reminiscing on the day brings back feelings and memories that can fill a lifetime!

I hope everyone enjoys some of our favorite shots!

If you would like to look at Aruns work here is his WEBSITE LINK & here is his BLOG LINK!! I would HIGHLY recommend him for weddings, engagements, infants, expecting, children and families. Oh heck- he is great with dogs too!!! Also, here is the photo blogs of our shoots!!

The dress that I tried on and INSTANTLY knew it was the one!

Wedding Rings

My favorite little boy, Alex Avery, in the world!

ONE OF MY Favorites from the wedding-BY FAR!

My flowers for the wedding day!

My couture garter

The other man in my life

Looking Susie

Maid of Honor, Bride & Ring Bearer

The wind in the trolley on 95 was crazy! Luckily, the laughter could not be contained!

My handsome husband

Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Jospeph Bross
My loves!

The Closer I Get To You
Kandice & Tom

The closer i get to you
The more you make me see
By giving me all you got (tell me more)
Your love as captured me

Over and over again
I tried to tell myself that we
Could never be more than friends
But all the while, inside , i knew it was real
The way you make me feel

Lyin' here next to you
Time just seems to fly
Needing you more and more (more and more)
Let's give love a try

Sweeter and sweeter love grows
And heaven's there for those
Who fool the tricks of time
With hearts of love will find
True love in a special way

Come a little closer so that we can see
Into the eyes of love
Just a little closer let me speak to you
I want to softly tell you something
Come a little closer let me whisper in your ear
Cuz i wanna tell you something
Move on in real close so we can celebrate
The way we feel a bout each other's loving

Some recognition to the following vendors:
Ridley Park Florist (All wedding flowers):Their Website & Contact Info
Arun Paul Photography:Arun Paul Photo Website
The Moshulu (Wedding Venue):Moshulu Website
Nicole Bridal (Wedding/bridesmaid dresses):Amazing amazing dresses (website)
Trinity Episcopal Church Swarthmore:Visit their website
Beautiful by Susie (Hair & Makeup): Facebook page for Beautiful by Susie
Ashley Jacopetti (Hair & Makeup): EMAIL CONTACT

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