Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love & Hate

The Jersey Shore
Red Wine
Pinot Blanc
Dog Parks
Meeting new people
Mean people for a reason
Family time
Text messaging
Johnny Cash
Big Brother
Puppies & Dogs
Ikea & kitchen stuff
Making dog treats
Cupcakes & Pupcakes
Blonde Hair
True Blood
Big Love
Nurse Jackie
TV in general

Cutting in line
People that give up their animals in divorce
Mean people for no reason
Horror Movies
Being cut off
Fat Bitches from high school who still try and torture me
Dog Hair
Flat Shoes
Wipe out
My life on the D list
Rap Videos

Will be continuously adding to this...

Better Days...

Today=much better day mentally. Not so mad at the world.

Summer- wow. June has been engulfed and destroyed-literally. Where did it go? I spent two weeks in Hawaii and the wedding blur... has left me with July & August. July has been spent getting Quincy acquainted with his new home, Dana's birthday, celebrating Benjamin's birthday and my Dad's high school reunion.

In the meantime- trying to still unpack from Hawaii. My room officially looks like a clothes hoarder. Taking the pups to the dog park etc... trying to plan a vacation for Thanksgiving. Portugal? Having a hard time b/c our family member dog sitter isn't comfortable with 3 dogs... so to have someone stay here with them is close to $500. So a trip to Portugal $2400 & $500 for dog sitter & $1000 spending money... yeah don't have those kind of funds. Maybe I can start a get "K" a vacation fundraiser...? No, that's selfish. I do without anything and there are pups out there that can really use the fundraiser more then me.

Things to look forward to:
Birthday- 27 years old soon and exactly where I want to be in life... how many peeps can say that?
Labor Day- going to a cabin with the rents and the crew... and get to see the new sister in law... :)
Thanksgiving- some kind of trip
Christmas- LOVE IT!

So pretty much.... just holidays... haha... Need to work on this.

In the process of trying to volunteer with local animal shelters- but they are so damn political they make it impossible to volunteer. Who would have thought volunteering would be so hard.

Going to start Quincy in a training class soon and get him his therapy dog certification. Will spend time going to children's centers and old folks homes to bring smiles to peoples faces. See- I try like hell to give back in this world more then I take....

More to come...


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So- I am sure everyone feels this way and just gets bitter and disappointed with people.

Please share your disgruntled feelings.

Example: Someone posts on a FB page that a 2 year old Saint Bernard has two weeks to find a home until she has to go to a shelter. She is house broken. She is leash trained. She knows all of her commands. Family must find her a home because they are divorcing. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? People...they are your responsibility. Why can't one of the parties take the pup? Do you only love her collectively- not on an indivual basis? I am just so baffled about the emotionless people out there. DON'T GET A DOG IF YOU ARE NOT READY. DON'T LET PEOPLE TALK YOU INTO A PUPPY-It will turn into a dog.

Example: Being supportive of friends through good & through bad times. In return, they are bitter to you for your happiness. Come on. Enough Said. No need to be mean to the people who care- just pushes them away.

Example: People that you make priority in your life- do not make you or your husband a priority... ever. Back seat. Not mentioning names b/c I am not tacky. But- make effort once in awhile- email, phone call, text message... not just when you need someone. It's nice to hear from someone just calling to call. Not to ask for a ride or when they can squeeze 5 minutes in for you.

To me I am just disapointed in people right now. Next week I will be back to loving everyone- but for now. Content with the husband, dog crew and few besties who make all of this bullshit go away.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Mediocre.Hate this word.

Some thoughts....

What is mediocre? When is mediocre acceptable? Is mediocre acceptable?

Is life to short for anything to be mediocre?

Definition:Of only moderate quality; not very good

So if you are a "mediocre actor"- you never become famous.

If my cosmopolitan is "mediocre" I send it back.

Is Medicore just being content?

So- I need some feedback.

Monday, July 12, 2010


So- I haven't written in some time. Life has been hectic- but in a wonderfully good way.

Got married 1 month ago today. When people ask "does it feel different to be married"- most people respond with "no". After being with Tom for 6 years on July 23rd, I would think I would feel the same. But I do not. I feel such a level of comfort, admiration, romance and patience. So if you plan on asking me if marriage feels different- I will say "yes". I feel more complete. I feel more and more love for my husband daily. I feel loved unconditionally. I feel as if I have married my best friend and my lover. He loves me for me and lets me be me. I am a dramatic, over emotional, completely devoted diva who needs someone with patience and acceptance. Tom not only patiently accepts me he pushes me to be a better person and to follow my dreams and my heart. I hope and wish that every newlywed can feel this way and hope that everyone can find this kind of love.

I need to send a special thank you out to our parents, our maids of honor and our bridal party. you guys rocked my socks. you are trully the best friends anyone could ask for. You catered to my demands on my wedding day and noone flinched! You were patient and kind and made our wedding day the best day of our lives. We only have memories and pictures.... and wait we do not need more than that.

Will be posting a list of memories from the wedding.... hahah....

One month in and we have already spent two weeks in hawaii honeymooning, a weekend with great friends at the fingerlakes and rescued two dogs! Wow! Cannot believe we are into July already. So far 2010 is seriously one of the best years of my life.



Will be posting more often and more interesting blogs.

Does anyone read this?

Quincy- OUR SAINT BERNARD!! Updated Pictures!!


Hi All!

So, Tom & I have made the Bross clan even bigger! Saturday morning, Tom & I decided to rescue a beautiful 8 month old saint, named Brutus. Brutus had been living in a shelter & passed around from doggie foster homes. His original family had decided that due to financial restraints they could no longer care for him and that Luck Dog Rescue could find him a better home then what he had. BOY did Lucky Dog Rescue do a great job in finding him a new home!!!!

My father and I drive down to Washington D.C. Saturday morning to pick him up from his transport drop off. Brutus spent 10 hours in a transport van with 40-50 other dogs coming from South Carolina to his FUREVER HOME. Along with other dogs being picked up by their adoptive parents or their foster parents, Brutus jumped out of his crate, came over to me, and started wagging his tail. He had such a smile on his face! He was calm, patient and excited. While all the other dogs were jumping, barking and being crazy, Brutus came over to me, licked my face and put his head in my lap. Brutus knew he was home.

After spending sometime with him, we decided that since he was getting a fresh start at life, he needed a fresh new name. We wanted to name him something political because we picked up in Washington D.C. and couldn't decide what fit him best! Washington? Hamilton? Abraham?James? Quincy??? Quincy was a perfect name for him. He was youthful but prominent and he responded right away. He is named after the 6th president, John Quincy Adams, and is the 6th member of our family. Me, Tom, Frankie, Tootsie & Benjamin have graciously accepted Quincy into our life.

I have attached some pictures of Quincy, who at 8 months is 86 lbs, underweight BUT full of Love!!

Please consider rescuing a dog or cat next time you plan on making your companion animal family bigger. They have been discarded and abandoned by what they considered their family and deserve a second chance at life. Lucky dog rescue was able to bring Quincy into our lives, and only 2 days later, Tom & I couldn't picture our lives without him.If you cannot adopt, donate. Help keep these animals housed, vetted and fed.

Here is a quote that all of you may enjoy!

"Shelter dogs aren't broken, they've simply experienced more life than other dogs. If they were human, we would call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write, the ones dealt a bad hand who responded with courage. Don't pity a shelter dog. Adopt one. And be proud to have their greatness by your side."


Love Always,

Tom, Kandice, Frankie, Tootsie, Benjamin & Quincy Bross