Monday, January 24, 2011

McKenzie- Foster Dog- ADOPTED by US!

We have officially made McKenzie a part of our family and could not be happier!

So, I haven't written in sometime. I decided to take a step back from fostering for about a month after the holidays. I had become emotionally, mentally & physically drained- and so was my pack. I needed to get them back up and running, get them back to themselves and to get our house in order. Spent sometime with Quincy during therapy work with children, elderly & mentally challenged- which was beyond rewarding!

 So- without a foster in a month- felt a bit of emptiness. My home was quiet. My pack was quiet. I was bored. I needed to fulfill the urge to help & needed to make sure that I was needed!

AND GUESS what? I landed the sweetest FOSTER- ever! I thoroughly enjoy fostering the large breed dogs and have a soft spot for Saints. I feel as if the Saints are eager to please, quick to learn and have such a well disposition for our family & our pack!

So we now have McKenzie. Her name is of Gaelic (irish) origin- so a sweet lil irish lass in the Bross household.  Both being Irish- it is kind of a nice touch. So we now call her, Kenzie doodle, Kenzie Bear, Princess Kenz, McKenzie (haha, of course) etc... the nicknames will keep flowing... believe me!

She is a SUPER DUPER sweet & affectionate senior saint bernard. She LOVES belly rubs and get very excited when she knows she about to get one. She is GREAT on the leash and loves the snow! She depends highly on Quincy to help her figure things out and understand how she landed here! She needs the constant companionship of human & of dog. She is amazing with my littles and my cat, which also makes her a cake walk foster!

She brings a level of calmness to our pack. At first, Quincy wanted to play with her. He learned quickly that she prefers nice slow playing. So now, he runs circles around in, just in case she changes her mind and decides she wants to chase him!

A wise lady once said " you will see how appreciative the senior saints are and how grateful they are for all that you do". (haha, you know who you are!!). Being a puppy lover, it is AMAZING to see what we can provide to this ol gal and what she gives us in return. She is patient, she is kind, she is sweet and she genuinely appreciates a nice meal, a warm bed (or couch) and love. She has COMPLETELY shown me the difference between a puppy and a senior- and how easy it is to fall in love with one!!! There is no work  to have McKenzie in our home. I can't wait to get out of work and rush home to a spotless house with lots of slobbery kisses!

McKenzie is settling into the Bross household very nicely, maybe to nicely! She is a quiet pint sized senior saint (MY FAVORITES) deserving of a life of PURE indulgence!!!

Her information and adoption application can be found on her petfinder ad: McKenzie!

If now is not the time to adopt, you can still help McKenzie! The costs of her vetting will far surpass her adoption fee. So, if you would like to make a donation please feel free to donate via pay pal to SAINTLY BERNARDS RESCUE at Saintly Donations or send checks directly to the veterinary clinic helping care for McKenzie at Steinbach Veterinary Clinic 120 Skippack Pike Blue Bell, PA 19422 (215) 646-0462 (in memo please put Saintly Bernards Rescue). Thank you all for your constant support!

Many Many Many Pictures to follow!!!