Friday, October 29, 2010

ADOPTED! Scrappy- 3 legged wonder dog on death row finds a home!!

So- for all who have been following Scrappy and his story- you will be please to hear that he has gone to his forever home in Philadelphia with NO other dogs. He is currently getting settled into his new home and learning  manners!!!

In September Scrappy was a candidate for euthanization because of an aggresive dog incident in his foster home. Because he was able to be rehabed and LOVED people so much, the PSCPA found that he would be a good dog in a home without other dogs! This second chance dog finally has the chance to feel what forever is!

Thanks all for supporting him!

Scrappy is still available at the PSPCA for adoption! He has not caused any problems at the SPCA and is still alive. They are detemined to find him an amazing home, where he can be king of the castle!!! If you are interested in fostering him- please contact!

This dog has caused a lot of commotion on facebook! Many are worried that he is running out of time and is soon to be put to sleep.

I took the opportunity to go to the PSPCA and see what was going on and why this wonderdog was a candidate to be put to sleep! The adoption coordinators and the behaviorist informed me that Scrappy was hit by a car. He broke his front and back left leg. They salvaged the back leg, but the front leg- didn't fair so well. He had shown no signs of aggression etc... many of the shelter folk had fallen in love with him. After his surgery he was placed in foster care to recover. For weeks, he had no issues with anything. When Scrappy started to recover he began challenging everything he could. He had a few scuffles here and there, but nothing that the foster parents worried about. Days went on and he became territorial of the house, his toys, his food. The foster parents began to worry, but wanted to help out this poor fella. One day one of the resident dogs got sick. The beagle and Scrappy both saw a pot of gold and ran after the vomit! EEW! Needless to say, the altercation led to a very scary and very bad incident between the beagle and Mr. Scrapster. Scrappy caused some pretty bad damage. The foster parents knew that the well being of their resident dogs were most important, and that is why Scrappy needed to go back to the shelter. There are many things that could have gone wrong here and we may never know all of the details. Needless to say, b/c of the altercation with the beagle, Scrappy has been on the euth list since September when he was returned by his foster parents. The shelter has to do what is best for the safety of there facility and if they see that he presents a risk, they will be forced to put this angel to sleep. They are willing to allow a rescue group to take Mr. Scrapster and find him a safe foster home where he will be the only dog. Or even put him in foster care through pspca where he would be the King of The Castle. Please take the time to share his story and help give this dog a well deserved second chance. He needs someone who is devoted and committed to his progress! Please feel free to contact amy at PSPCA with any questions! she was great to work with!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Success Stories! Aileen & Mr. Charlie

"My name is Aileen. I had been searching for the perfect dog for quite some time. I learned very quickly that the adoption process is not an easy one! More then half the people I contacted didn't even get back to me because I don't have a fenced in yard. Now I was looking for a small dog because my apartment just isn't fit for a big guy. I almost got to the point of giving up because all my efforts were unsuccessful. So I was enthusiastically surprised when Kandice contacted me about a Pomeranian she recently rescued. I went to meet him and it was love at first site! My little Charlie man has been my bundle of joy since I got him. He is my best friend, we struggled a little at first in terms of getting acclimated to his new home and going outside but he got over it quickly. He sometimes tries to be the boss too! He doesn't care for the cat much but loves other dogs his size and is my little protector! I can't even imagine life before my little marshmallow! I love him dearly and we have come such a long way! I am so happy I could be a part of saving this little guys life! It was actually a couple weeks after my birthday and was the best birthday present I could have ever asked for. I think a rescue is much more rewarding then buying a puppy because they need the love just as much and have a harder time getting it. I love my Charlie and thank Kandice all the time for blessing me with my baby! "

Ashton AKA Titis-Adopted! Updated Pictures 7/9/11

Mr.Titus is turning into a wonderful BIG boy!!! Living the good life!

Ashton 3 months later! Settled into his forever home with his new best friend!

Big Boy!

Thanks to the Maguire family Ashton is a well behaved and socialized pibble!! Look at what a good foster home & an amazing forever home can do for a dog! He gives the breed a GREAT reputation!

Ashton is a BEAUTIFUL 9-11 week old Blue Pitbull! He has a face that is very hard not to fall in love with!

Although pitbulls have a bad reputation in the media, they can be loyal, loving obedient dogs. Ashton is athletic, affectionate & beautiful!

Little Ashton is incredibly focused and determined in pleasing his leader. He came in day one, growling, barking and overall rough around the edges. This little boy was found as a stray and some a few scars to prove it. He needed to learn to trust again. 4 days in and Ashton is a new dog.

He now allows me to handle him. I can pick him up, carry him around, play with his paws and even clip his nails without any lip curling. He shares his toys and his bones with the rest of the crew. He loves our Saint Bernard and has allowed Quincy to be his lead. He plays with my littles and is learing body language! Not all dogs want to play 24/7.

He is still working on house training. Currently- he LOVES his crate. It allows him to have his own safe place. I put a little cushion in it for him and cover it with a sheet. He goes in crate at bed time and he goes in crate during day when I am home for a little bit when he needs to calm down and rest. Otherwise this amazing little bug would play play play play play! Must learn discipline. He does not have more then 2 hours in the crate at a time! He is a puppy still with a small bladder. He does hold it and does not have accidents in the crate!

Ashton does well with the resident cat, Frankie, too. They have never had a bad interaction~!

Basic commands are there! He can sit, he can take a treat nice, he can "leave it" and he knows "quiet". Quiet is important to keep him from excessive barking! Still working on stay, come and down. For never walking on a leash- he is doing great!Just need to remind him it isn't play time on the leash! He says to me "but it's always playtime mom", haha!

Some areas that Ashton can work on...NOT begging, eating food like a mad man and knowing when enough's enough! BUT he is a typical dominant puppy who just needs a little work.

He would be best suited with a family who has a dog who wants to play and who can set a great example for Ashton!

Ashton does not lack love or affection. Once thoroughly exercised, Ashton likes to snuggle up and watch movies! He loves belly rubs and loves any kind of attention you are willing to give him!

Ashton is a great example of how structure, discipline, love and a great lead dog can change a scared, untrust worthy pup into an amazing dog!

Please consider adopting this wonderful puppy! You can go to the website fill out an application and put Ashton (# 38135).His adoption fee is $250 since he is still a puppy! Includes: neutering fee, adoption donation fee, appropriate inoculations, microchip including registration, collar & leash with bell tag and complimentary vet visit. Or contact me at and I can point you in the right direction!

Also, consider donating! Donating helps outweigh the cost of supporting these amaazing animals!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall Festivities

So its Fall of 2010! Wow. Tom & I originally wanted a beautiful fall wedding and WoW-October 2nd would have been a great day to get married. The weather was beautiful and the the sun- oooh the autumn sun... BUT- we got married about 4 months ago in June- and let me say I LOVE BEING married :) I am a little old lady at heart. My partying days have slowed down and I am focused more on making a difference in this world... particularly with dogs! Ha :)

So Abigail- our princess Abby was adopted by a wonderful family with another Saint Bernard. As my second foster, and first saint bernard foster, I was very sad, but yet happy. I dreaded leaving her, wondering if I was another person to abandon her. The level of guilt felt overbearing! I cried the entire way to meet the Rescue that would get her pretty and make sure she was healthy before the adoption! After I heard from the rescue that Abby was at home and took a liking to the family- I slept easy. As my first foster, I learned a lot. I learned that shelter dogs are a blank slate and that they work to please. They learn quickly and my resident dogs set the tone for them. Quincy, my saint, taught Abby how to eat on the down, how to sit, how to walk on a leash, how to go for a car ride,quiet, how to leave it and how to learn to trust and love humans again. Toots & Benjamin need more work on commands- but this was their first time fostering too. They warmed up to Abigail and learned to accept another a dog into our home. It was a wonderful & great learning experiene and the Bross crew cannot wait to welcome another saint foster into our home!

Last weekend we had lots of fun puppy activities! Benjamin got to go to Orchards and pick apples with the mom & dad! Sunday- quincy got to meet his great grandma and go running on the beach! Now this week Toots gets daycare, dog park & petsmart! try to get adequate one on one time with each pup!

Pictures attached!!