Monday, May 23, 2011

Tuli (aka Ava)-Adopted!!

Tuli sitting pretty

Meet the ever so delicious Miss Tulip! Tuli is a baby female rough coat Saint Bernard who found herself in the Saintly Bernards Rescue program and is blossoming into a beautiful Tulip.

Lil pup BIG paws

Tuli is my first Saint foster puppy- and let me tell you.... it IS as hard as you think! Training and socializing a saint pup is crucial to a successful and balanced life. You help mold the baby saints character, temperment and disposition as their leader. Consistency is KEY! House training is easy if you do not mind the following... not sleeping (except when the saint pup does), going for lots of walks and tough love! They need constant attention and constant correction to help set them up for success. Puppies are lil poop machines who think it is okay to whine, bark, chew and dig. They are so cute- BUT they test your patience. As their leader you must be calm, assertive and their leader.

Tuli, McKenzie & Quincy
Tuli and other saint pups look for guidance through a well balanced pack. They are constantly watching what they do, so they can learn the ropes. Having another saint in your home for the pup to follow has been the most vital part of the training! There are things that Quincy, Addie & McKenzie can teach Tuli, that I cannot teach her. Learning their limits and when to slow down is hard for a pup that wants to constantly be rewarded for CUTE behavoir versus stable behavoir. Remember, play time and affection are rewards for your Saint pup, not just treats.
Silly pup!

Crate training, house breaking, feeding on the down, basic commands and leash walking are all skills that we can help your working dog learn, as early as 6 weeks. Training in small increments helps them concentrate on the task at hand. Remember, a saint that jumps all over you when they are young- will jump when they are over 100 lbs. Remember, a saint who sleeps in the bed at 20 lbs will want to sleep in your bed when they are over 100 lbs. Remember, a saint who doesn't learn respect of you and other dogs, will not respect you when they grow up. Remember, a saint who mouths you and does not receive correction young, can be set up for mouthing when they have full adult teeth. Remember, a saint puppy, will grow into a very large dog. Setting them up to be well balanced dogs will benefit you and your family!

Amazing Saint in the works

Thinking about adopting a puppy? Doing research on the breeds and their energy levels, grooming, feeding, training, socializing etc... is very important to matching the right pup with the right family. Uneducated owners who make quick decisions on a "cute" puppy find themselves lost down the road. A pup, like a dog, is a lifetime commitment. If you can commit to your dog, your dog can commit to you.

Quincy & His mini me

It is very easy for your puppy to demand to be the center of attention from EVERYONE! When I walk Tuli around the neighborhood or anywhere for that matter, I get stopped. It is as if the world stopped for a second and people melt into a puddle of puppy mush. They start using a high pitch voice, talking in baby voice and lose all sense of control. Make sure these new people know how to greet a puppy and make sure your puppy has earned the right to get that attention! Remember a puppy is a baby who will turn into an adult. They depend on you for guidance and to meet their basic needs.

Tuli 9-10 weeks

Tuli has done great in the first week at our house. I have worked diligently with her to make sure we set her up to be an amazing Saint Bernard. Quincy, Addie & McKenzie have begun to show her the difference  between right and wrong and when enoughs enough. Proper socialization, proper nutrition, proper exercise and obedience training are our top priorties for this lil munchkin.  She is social with all! She is an eager to please SAINT BERNARD :)

The young & the old

Do you have a well-balanced Saint Bernard are looking to add another to your family? To be considered for Tuli- please submit an application to Saintly Bernards Rescue at

Waiting patiently for dinner!

Not ready for an addition but would like to make a donation to an amazing organization? Saintly Bernards Rescue is the North East Chapter of The Saint Bernards Rescue Organization, a 501c3 non profit. Donations can be made by clicking HERE!

Thank you all!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Saintly Bernards Gives Back and Walks for Huntingtons Disease!

The Saintly Bernards Crew

“No Saint can do everything, but every Saint can do something”

Saintly Bernards Rescue, of Ambler, contributed to the community by a Paying It Forward for Hungtingtons Disease. Jamie Byrnes, the founder of Saintly Bernards Rescue, which is a division of Saint Bernard Rescue Organization (a 501C3 Non Profit), decided it was time to give back! The community has helped support local Saint Bernards in need for several years and it was time to bring awareness to a disease that is in desperate need of a cure. Huntington’s Disease is a hereditary, progressively degenerative brain disorder that results in a loss of both mental control and physical control.

Jamie Byrnes, Found of Saintly Bernards Rescue, and some rescued Saints

Saintly Bernards Rescue and a dozen volunteers showed up with their canine companions to lead the one mile walk along through the Montgomery County Community College campus. The Saint Bernards who attended proved to be breed ambassadors and a refreshing accessory to the event. Along the walk there were signs that helped educate the public on Huntington’s disease. There were alarming statistics showing how many people are affected by this disease and the effects it can have on a person’s life. This disease not only affects the individual who is diagnosed, but it also affects the loved ones around them.

Addie (foster Saint), me and Quincy

The event brought the community together to help raise money to find a cure for Huntingtons Disease. Men, women, children and canines banded together as one, to support this cause that has emotionally impacted the people of the community. The event had raffles, music, food and fun! Team Hope, the local chapter, proved to be a determined, energetic and vital part of the community. The groups collectively raised over $20,000 to help fund the research to help relieve the world of this disease that affects so many. There were laughs and there were cries. This event is what helps Montgomery County Stand out as a community united to support the needs of each other.

The Cochrans and their rescued saints Ginger & Capone

Donations can be made at Donations can be made online at or checks (made out to HDSA) can be sent directly to the HDSA Delaware Valley office at: Team Hope Walk for HD HDSA Delaware Valley 15 Waterloo Ave. Berwyn, PA 19312


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pals For Life At Swarthmore Fun Fair

May 01, 2011

Pals For Life is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing companion animal programs to people who need them so much such as children with disabilities, the elderly, the handicapped and the mentally challenged. Persons who need love, friendship and something warm and furry to hug! They allow dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and even mini ponies into the program to bring happiness and therapy to the lives of people who need it! Animal assisted therapy has proven to relieve stress, promote healing and the emotional, physical, social and cognitive responses within human beings.

Quincy in his freedom gear!

Quincy has been a  member of the Pals for Life Animal Assisted Therapy group since October 2011. He has been to local schools to assist in the reading programs for children with reading disabilities. He has been to mental health institutions, nursing homes and hospitals. Quincy also likes to partake in events- such as the annual Swarthmore Fun Fair on May 01, 2011.

Pals for Life Table

The Swarthmore Fun Fair is an annual charity event focusing on the community and giving back. This year the theme was "celebrate freedom" (the irony in the Bin Laden death on May 2) and each group was to keep it fun and dress in the theme! They started off with a parade through the streets of Swarthmore, celebrating life, love, friendship and freedom. They had three raised stages with several performances from magicians and theatre groups. There was a fun walk, a run and a bike race to raise funds!

Quincy & Baby

This year they estimated that over 7,000 people attended this fair in the Village of Swarthmore. Creating awareness, advocacy and education in several different arena's of non profit. Pals for Life did a great job celebrating animal awareness and what animals can do for people.

Pals for life president, Paula, did a great job at raising money for Pals for Life. She and her daughter set up a doggie kissing booth, where Cookie the Shi Tzu, gave out loving in efforts to raise money. Paula and other volunteers helped educate the public on the Pals for Life Cause.


Thanks to the Rotary Club for throwing such a fantastic event- YET AGAIN!
Miss Cookie

Interested in making your dog a therapy dog or find out more information about Pals for Life (Delaware County)? Go to their website!

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