Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring has Sprung


Last night two of our very good extra special friends A + B came over. A bottle of mommy's time out (maybe 2), a bottle of mark west and a bunch of PBR's made for a great night with some great conversation. My friend A & I became friends last August at a company function. I was like damn this bitch is Fab and she was like " I knew I would like her with her red necklace". That's a match mad in friend heaven. Oh yeah- we are both kind of obsessed with dogs. In a sick way kind of. We want to save all dogs & harm all people who mistreat dogs. I am a little jealous- she got to meet Rescue Inc. How cool is that? She has started taking puppy pictures and she was kind of nice to take some of my wonderful children, Benjamin and Tootsie. Those are the pictures that will be posted. She is a novice, but she has an eye for art and will do amazing things with practice! Photographing dogs takes TRUE talent and determination. I mean they don't understand "say cheese" or "smile". Or do they?

Thought of the day- "if you cry baby, can you get a new puppy?".... Thoughts?
Tom's little sister # 1 cried baby at the country club one night- still makes me laugh. Obviously she wants a puppy. I want one too. I am trying to talk the lover into letting me foster a st.Bernard. Hmmm... will this be good or will it be great? Maybe a beautiful disaster...? I'll take it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Favorite Song Lyrics

So I was listening to the fame this morning by Gaga. I think I have found my favorite lyrics.
Song "beautiful dirty rich"
Lyric:"Our hair is perfect While were all getting shit wrecked It's automatic, honey But we got no money "
Reason: This reminds me of how I acted while attending Wilkes Univeristy. I lived glamorously- with no money... honey
Song "boys, boys, boys"
Lyric: "Hey there sugar baby Saw you twice at the pop showYou take just like glitterMixed with rock and rollI like you a lot lotThink you're really hot hot"
Reason: I mean this one is self explanatory- I chanel tom when I hear this. I mean he totally tastes like glitter mixed with rock n rock. Who wouldn't love these lyrics?
More later...

Souther Blue Part Dos

So the second leg of my southern tour was Belinda's wonderful, fabulous, ooc 50th birthday party thrown by her amazing husband, Eduardo (he calls her AMOR- OMG can you get any cuter than that seriously?). they had this really cool cover band- Kozmic Mama. There is their link if you wanna check it out.

Some highlights:

  • Ana Lisa Dropping Her Phone in a beer

  • Ana lisa falling backwards over a garbage can

  • Misty telling a mom her son was really hot

  • The asian boy who looks like ashton kuchter dancing- how cute!

  • Mamacita herself dancing like a 25 year old :)

  • Tom drinking out of 3 cups- b/c 1 is just not enough

  • The Alabama boy lap dancing Miss Belinda

  • Kozmic mama attempting to sing Single Ladies-FAILURE alert. It didn't work out.

  • Becky and the fab tongue shots throughout the evening

  • The moth taking over the cake- that matched the invite

  • Oh- and the cake again- Eduardo made the cake the same flavor as their wedding cake- I mean come on is this a Harlequin Love Novel or what?

  • Tom & I getting to meet the ever so cute LuLu who peed on the floor in excitement to meet her Anglo Saxon aunt & uncle

  • Trilling the name Geraldo with Becky to prove I had some lating flare.

  • Me proceeding to tell the crowd Misty and Geraldo would make beautiful babies

  • Having a professional limo driver drive us around and make sure we got home safe- Thanks Jared Melson. You rocked.

So then the night didn't end for me. Jill was tired so we dropped her off.... and we went out to paint the town red. Well not really. We went skanky and hit up Sammy T's Music Hall. Yes the hand stamp sad STMH and we needed a wrist band too. Tom looked like an alcoholic on the plane the next day b/c he never took his off. Wonderful. The best thing about Sammy T's is that they have a Friday night 3 for all. all drinks $3. Admission $3. How can you beat cheap alcohol?Being the inner baller that he is- Tom had to order petrone shots for the house. I know I want to marry this man :)

The one thing everyone should know about STMH is that Bret Michael's will be there soon. This place is super class all the way. My besty Misty and her crew- Tracie & Sara all tried to get a VIP table (this in Alabama does not include bottle service or any amenities- so it's just a chair and a waitress) but it was $1000 so they opted to just go to the event drunk and not have to fight for drinks. Oh how I love these women.

So after many petrone shots, falling on the floor in a dress, dancing on the stage. requesting music (why do I always request poker face and have my gaga monster come out in public)- we didn't want to end the night at 2 am. The lights came on- we scattered like cocka roaches- naturally- and then drove to Baily Cove to our new Mexican friend, Geraldo's house. Nice bachelor pad. Well- I ended the night when I fell asleep on the couch. Tom never wants the party to end- so he was mad. Naturally.

Woke up at 7 AM still drunk- hair pieces everywhere- a killer headache- and a few new phone #'s in my phone. That is a great night-New drunk friends- woo hoo!

back to philly- but forever missing my southern lifestyle.....

Southern Blues

So I was able to go visit my very fantastic wonderful fabulous southern friends for a few days with my fiance. WOW- has time passed. Living in Huntsville for two years was such an amazing time and finding some of our life long friends- made it even better.

Some events:

Main Street Cafe in Old Madison. Used to be an old southern jail- now they just serve wonderful southern food. Tom & Misty opted for the cheesy meatloaf and I opted for my favorite chicken salad croissant. Also- for dessert- STRAWBERRY PRETZEL SALAD!!! Best in town. Misty was going to buy us a pan as a surprise- but surprise- a pan is $35. Highway robbery. Plus being on a wedding diet- who needs $35 worth of jello, sugared pretzels and thick cream....? I know Jamie has a great recipe for this amazing concoction..... so post your recipes PLEASE.

Phil Sandovals Mexican Catina. Looks the same as Rosie's- but a better vibe. GREAT margaritas, great cheese dip and great green rice (what makes it green?). They don't seem to have a menu, or I would post it for all to see. Maybe they should get one, oh and a facebook page. Nothing is more "in" that becoming a fan of _____. Went with Belinda, Ana lisa, Tom, Misty, Jill and ummm... our new favorite Latin woman- BECKY. She proved to be the best new thing on our trip. Her and her need to stick out her tongue in pictures. So the night ended on a typical old people note- bed at 11:00 PM. exhausted from travel. Worst news of the day- Becky doesn't have facebook or e-mail. How does she know what's going on in the world?

Monte Sano Mountain- Wow. Who would have though that "Kouture" would partake in such an event as early morning hiking to burn off the pounds of food she ate.... woo hoo. we hiked about 5 miles. It gave us all time to catch up and laugh. Things we laughed about- the black dress- sammy t's bathroom poops- the magic wand to ward off the green worms (aka future butterflies of the world). Also- the ever so cute miss allie marie murray attended the trip like the little princess that she is. After hiking for 3 hours we felt as if we deserved cupcakes and cheeseburgers. So we hit up red robin- where we had them sing happy birthday to Jill. Why does embarrassing people give me such a rush? I'm sick. Oh and tom got the weirdest burger- like pineapples and stuff. Gross.Then we hit up this amazing chic cupcake boutique called GiGi's. Not only were they beautiful- they were worth every single calorie. I got summer fun- birthday cake bottom with lemon icing. Wow. Amazing. Misty got pretty princess- Tom wanted that too. Social pressure not to get the pretty princess led him to pick the birthday surprise AKA the original. boo. Poor Tom.

Back to the resort (aka Jill's new house) and then nap time. Gotta be rested for Belinda's party....

More later... I have to go to work. Ugh.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


Bucket List

Still on day 1.

Beautiful outside today- went for a long run/walk with my wonderful poochie- Benjamin. Things came to mind- such as.... I am 26, going on 27. Getting married in two months. What do I really want to do with the rest of my life? Is this my true quarter life crisis....? What are some things I would like to change in my life and what are some things I want to do. Essentially I talk about a Bucket List and I am going to put it in writing. I am going to constantly update it- because there is so much life has to offer I can't just pick a few things....

If anyone actually reads this- post your buckets lists too-- and keep me updated on when you complete them. I am going to start now.

  • Go to a Jimmy Buffet concert, fully embrace the parrot, and enjoy the experience what it is like to be a parrot head. The concert in our area actually falls on August 07. Being that my birthday is August 09- great present for me. :) Wait I just noticed they have one on August 10 too. Two options! Also- anyone who may be interested in joining me with this experience.... let me know.
  • Learn how to shoot a gun. If not for any other reason but to say I did it. I am going to research shooting ranges in the Philadelphia area and try to arrange for this to happen. I am actually really scared of guns. Like so scared when I see one I get anxiety.
  • Go to a red carpet event. Tom was telling me about this "girls weekend" company that sets up a red carpet event including dinner, manicures and pedicures. This seems like the best thing I have ever heard of. I am also including in this experience possibly making it into Philadelphia Style Magazine? I need to take pictures on a step and repeat.
  • Do a photo shoot with the animals. The animals are Tootsie and Benjamin and they are the most amazing dogs- ever. Do a boudoir photoshoot. Obviously when my body is rocking. I really like photos by Alyssa Maloof. Check her out. She was our original wedding photographer- but due to another opportunity for her she had to cancel. Still love her eye and her artistic photographs.
  • Start my own line of dogs clothes called "......" Ok I am not going to my post it until I make it happen b/c I don't need people stealing my ideas. Along with opening up a pet boutique one of these days when the time is right- I am going to make stylin couture clothese for our furry friends. Couture is not only for fabulous people- but for fabulous poochies.

Ok I am semi hungover. Yes- when you are 26, having 6 glasses of wine can wreck you. I am going to take a breather. Take tootsie for a walk- gather more ideas and write more later.


Day 1

So- noone may read this. This is my interpretation of life through the eyes- well of me. I have so many random thoughts/ideas/topics- just need an outlet to voice my opinions. I am sure my opions may and will be different from the rest of society.

More later....