Friday, September 30, 2011

Dog Park Fun (Concord Township Dog Park)

I am writing this blog based on the fundamentals of the dog park with a special emphasis on my regular dog park in Concord Township in Garnet Valley, PA. I thoroughly enjoy my crew of dog owners who feel strongly about keeping their dogs exercises AND socialized. Most owners are at the dog park EVERY day! Cold? YUP...still there. Snowing? YUP... more fun for the pups! HOT? You know it.... owners just sit in the shade (wink wink). Rain? That is what umbrellas are made for! And heck- although we are affected by weather, your pooch is still looking forward to some "them" time- regardless of the climate conditions!

About Concord Dog Park you ask? Well let me tell you a little bit about this marvelous little slice of heaven- donated to the canines of Delaware County, PA. This dog park was once a farm called Bush Hill farm that tended to the needs of other four legged animals- some that still frequent the farm. On any given day you run a HUGE risk of seeing horse back riders, deer, birds and your resident foxes. All in their natural settings.

Concord township dog park is located smack dab in the middle of Delaware County in an equestrian and scenic setting. The spring, summer and fall back drops are breath taking! But, since dogs don't seem to notice how remarkable the grounds they, lets focus on these pooches and why they seem to have SOOO much fun once they enter the gates.

The reason a dog park is a great place is based around exercise and socialization for your canine. Although the park is divided amongst two separate horse runs, one for small dogs and one for large, most dogs will find themselves frolicking together. They learn to be around dogs of all sizes, breeds, energy levels and temperaments. They get to chase the ball with labs, wrestle with the huskies and chase with the shepherds. They learn body language and how to greet new dogs. They learn to listen to their owner when called in a pack of energized pups. They also get to meet all different types of people!

Concord Dog Park was founded in October of 2008 and is still going strong in 2011. The dog owners of Concord Dog Park take very good care of the pastures! This year they even raised money to put down new mulch for the dogs! The people of Concord Dog Park act as a team and do the best by their dogs and new dogs that want to come and play!

Here are  some of the ground rules:
  • In order to make your and your dog's visit as pleasant as possible, please observe the following:Dogs must be leashed when entering and exiting the dog park. Removed dogs from leash prior to entering second gate
  • Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated and shall wear a visible dog license
  • Dogs under 4 months of age and female dogs in heat are prohibited
  • Choke, prong (pinch) and spike collars are strictly prohibited
  • No aggressive dogs allowed; dogs must be removed at he first sign of aggression
  • Dog owners must be in the park and within view of their dogs at all times
  • All off-leash dogs must be under voice control of their owners; if you cannot control your dog off-leash, keep your pet leashed at all times
  • No children under the age of 16 unless accompanied by an adult
  • Dog waste must be collected and placed in the designated receptacle
  • Any holes dug by your dog should be filled
  • Food and smoking is not permitted within the fenced areas
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed anywhere on township property

Are you looking for more information? Concord Dog Park Website

And remember FOLKS... a TIRED DOG is a GOOD DOG!!!!

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