Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Sadly, Miss Ella wasn't treated the best in her past life. Ella was used as a breeder bitch and severely neglected before being abandoned in West Virgina. A plea was sent out to help get this deserving lady out of the shelter and guess who stepped up to the challenge? Yup, Saintly Bernards Rescue. Saintly Bernards Rescue really focuses on the saints that need our help the most and don't have anywhere else to turn.

When Ella arrived at my house with the Saintly Crew she was SKIN and BONES. Ella was emaciated to the point of SCARY. The first time I walked her, the neighbors turned their heads. Women at the dog park began to cry when they heard her story. BUT, her big eyes were filled with hope and LOVE. What more can you ask for from your future best friend????


BUT, guess what? That was her old life. Her new life consists of lots of loving, warm meals, a couch to snuggle on, daily walks and even dog park romps with fellow foster sisters and brothers. Ella may have had a dismal past, but as in true Saint style- she holds NO grudge. She only looks forward and WILL never look back.

Ella has become best buddies with my senior Saint Bernard, McKenzie. She looks up to her and relies on her for a head rest most evenings. She has also become a HUGE fan of my husband. She flocks to kids with lots of big, slobbery, wet kisses and greets neighborhood dogs with open arms (or paws!). She loves all dogs, cats, people and FOOD! Her favorite you ask? Well Ella loves NILLA cookies- preferably with vanilla soft serve!

Ella is ready for her journey into retirement. She looks forward to lots of air conditioning in the summer and a warm fireplace in the winter. She looks forward to canine companions to make her feel comfortable. She looks forward to the town children giving her hugs. Ella looks forward to endless love and compassion and a few good meals wouldn't hurt either!

Saintly Bernards has stepped up to give this lady a second chance! BUT, like many other senior Saint Bernards, the vet bills have run VERY high! Would you consider donating to Saintly Bernards Rescue so they can continue to rehabilitate these deserving dogs?


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